Shipping Policy


The Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD) depends of your location. Most, if not all, online purchases through are leaving from our Sarasota Warehouse in Florida.

While transit times are one of the most important criteria for online purchase, we have 2 main groups, Standard & Expedited.

The shipping options, within each group,  will be classified by carrier. Shipping options include, but not limited to, UPS Ground, UPS 2 day Air, UPS 3 Days, USPS Express Mail, USPS Express Mail envelope.

FREE Shipping: 2 to 9 business days

We usually mean USPS First Class Mail when we refer to ‘FREE’ shipping. Our ‘FREE’ shipping options (Coupon CODE) are, in most cases, limited to CONTINENTAL USA.

Expedited Shipping: 1 to 6 business days

We usually mean USPS Priority Mail when we refer to ‘Expedited’ shipping.

Can I track my package?

Our tracking system is updating your order ‘live’. Any tracking updates listed on ought to be accurate. If you were to find an error in the tracking information, please advise our sales department as soon as possible.

You still have questions? Call us Toll-Free 877-778-2978 to have an answer right away.

Our Commitment to ‘Greater’ Service

IF we found your shipping charges are enough to allow an upgrade, AND your carrier does provide a faster delivery option, our shipping system will automatically UPGRADE at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Any order delivered by is covered, while in transit, against any damages that could occur. You have to email or call our sales department upon delivery. Some carrier may require a statement to be made. Always ask the driver the proper way to handle a claim !

No coverage claim, on any order, using YOUR carrier (your FEDEX, UPS or DHL accounts)